Our board

Smart House Solutions


Jeroen van Welsenes

The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) is responsible for the general management  and performance of our company. He coordinates and steers the activities of the management board and all departments. He discharges this responsibility in accordance with the COMPANY statutes and applicable laws.

Alen Ludaš

The CSO (Chief Sales Officer) is in charge of the management of the sales department. His responsibility includeS implementing sales strategies. providing leadership, direction, and resources to the sales department to enable achievement of sales targets, ensuring sustainable revenue growth by maximizing market penetration.

The CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) is responsible for the commercial strategy and financial health of the company. Also pursuits activities relating to marketing, product development, and customer service, making sure that all functions of the organization are well aligned to meet its strategic commercial objectives.

Bernard Kordić

The CTO (Chief Technical Officer) is responsible for makING all executive decisions with regards to the technological aspects of OUR activities. He is responsible for outlining the company’s technological vision, implementing technology strategies, and ensuring that the technological resources are aligned with the company’s business needs.

The COO (Chief Operating Officer) is responsible for the daily operations of the company and its premises and assets, including activities on development, design, production, operations, and improvement of the systems that create and deliver the company’s products. The COO is responsible for ensuring that business operations are efficient and effective and that the proper management of resources, distribution of goods and services to customers is conducted.